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Quantum Phinance solutions are designed to

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Ensure compliance with evolving regulations

Keep you competitive in the mutual funds market

Save time, costs and regulatory hassles for your AMC


Check on all your brokerage payments


Faster calculation of Parallel NAV


Regulatory limits monitored


Bank accounts monitored for cash flow management

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ETF Basket Creation and Rebalancing

ETF Basket Creation and Rebalancing is an extremely cumbersome task for Fund managers. We understand you need to minimise the cash component to the lowest possible value and also track the percentage allocation of the stocks in the following index. Hence, our solutions enable you to fast track launching and managing of ETF funds which in turn results in higher margins for the business.

Brokerage Payments and Calculations

We can help you save costs significantly on brokerage payments by deploying automated reconciliation with RTA Calculation. We combine our deep domain expertise and our core tech platform to streamline operations for brokerage reconciliations, fees and commission computation in MF, PMS and Alternative Investments. We also provide MIS reporting along with SEBI regulatory reporting.

Even a minute error in brokerage payment calculations can cost you losses worth crores. We ensure 100% check on all your brokerage payments so you don't lose any money.

Risk and Compliance Monitoring

Adapt to regulatory changes, monitor compliance risks and achieve greater visibility into your operations.
Use our passive limit monitoring solutions to identify potential breach risks and simplify your risk management.

  • Our platform monitors 70+ Regulatory limits, 150+ OD limits, and Internal Limits
  • All the calculations done on the server freeing the user's system for other work
  • Provision for backdated calculations and bulk calculations
  • Audit trail maintenance provided so you don't need to store the downloaded reports
  • Generation of Limit-wise reports, dashboard reports, and trend reports.
  • Scheduled data import from NSE, AMFI websites.

Cash Flow Management

Ensure your Cash Flow in funds with ease with Quantum Cash Magic. Get real-time reconciliation of inflows and outflows from bank accounts and accurately estimate the exact investible surplus and cash. Quantum Cash Magic ensures that you have enough investable surplus by tracking expected cash flow from sales/CRM deal data along with actual bank inflow from the customer on a real-time basis. We can monitor 250+ bank accounts.

Learn how we can deploy these and many more expert solutions to digitally transform your asset management business.

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