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Quantum Phinance

Our story

What happens when a bunch of finance experts come together to simplify tech and automation problems of the finance world. Quantum Phinance is born!

We established Quantum Phinance as part of the business incubation program at Society of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), the entrepreneurship venture at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2006. Since inception, we have continuously strived to provide simple yet effective solutions to the Banking & Financial Services Industry.

We have partnered with 30+ leading finance companies in Asia and helped them streamline their operations. CFO offices rely on us for our domain expertise and cutting-edge solutions, which is why we have a striking 95% client retention rate.

Our team

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Koustubh Moharir


Koustubh is a founding member of Quantum Phinance. He incepted Quantum Phinance in 2010 at Society of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), the entrepreneurship venture at the IIT Bombay. Koustubh is also the inventor of SheetKraft - a Process automation tool that saves over 1,92,000 man-hours annually for our clients.

Chetan Lalwani


Chetan holds the position of Director at Quantum Phinance and plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's success. His journey began in 2009 when he graduated from IIT Bombay and joined us as a programmer. Since then, he has led more than 15 successful LMS and Treasury deployments for some of the top NBFCs in India.

Abhishek Sharma

VP Strategy and Business

Abhishek heads Business Development at Quantum Phinance where he develops solutions for complex problems of BFSI clients. Having tackled over 200 complex challenges in Banking, Payments, Mutual Funds, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors, Abhishek offers proactive insights on digital transformation to enterprises.

Anuj Batwe

VP Strategy and Customer Success

Anuj leads the Customer Success initiative at Quantum Phinance and helps ensure that our business strategy is always in the best interest of customers. Anuj has worked with BFSI clients across sectors such as Mutual Funds, Brokerage firms, Insurance, Payment Gateways and Exchanges, delivering value through a customer-first mindset.

Vinay Pathai

Technical Product Manager

Vinay is a Technical Product Manager at Quantum Phinance, responsible for the development and management of innovative products that meet our client’s business requirements. With his domain expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date with market trends, he also inspires and leads a team of talented developers.

Yash Gupta

Technical Product Manager

Yash is a Technical Product Manager at Quantum Phinance who ensures that the technology solutions developed align with the company's goals and meet the necessary client specifications. He excels in defining effective product strategies, gathering user requirements, and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

Jyoti Prakash

Technical Product Manager

Jyoti works as a Technical Product Manager at Quantum Phinance, responsible for developing and managing innovative products that fulfill our client requirements. With proficiency in software development and expertise in a wide range of programming languages, Jyoti leads cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality solutions.

Ashutosh Sharma

AVP, Customer Success

Ashutosh joined Quantum Phinance as a Business Analyst 6 years ago and quickly rose to the position of AVP of Customer Success. He has been instrumental in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients in the BFSI sector. He has a deep understanding of their business needs which helps him deliver tailored solutions.

Rushabh Nagda

AVP, Customer Success

Rushabh is an AVP of Customer Success at Quantum Phinance, known for his strategic expertise in managing diverse accounts and spearheading successful automation projects. Combining his IT and Finance background, Rushabh develops cutting-edge IT solutions that drive measurable results and align with organizational goals.

Vijendra Kumar

Senior Product Analyst

Vijendra Kumar is a Senior Product Analyst at Quantum Phinance. He has a proven expertise in collaborating with some of the top AMCs and NBFCs to develop analytical and complex automation solutions. His domain expertise and his ability to navigate complex challenges enable him to consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Nirav Raval

Senior Business Analyst

Nirav, our Lead of the Implementation team, ensures that each project is seamlessly executed and necessary client support is provided even post Go Live. He is responsible for leading a team of analysts, collaborating with different departments, and communicating findings and areas of enhancement to stakeholders.

Tushar Bhagat

Treasury Expert

Tushar Bhagat plays the role of a Product Expert at Quantum Phinance. Using this extensive experience of 21 years and domain expertise in treasury management, he helps in identifying the need gaps and suggests the right solutions for our clients. He also ensures that each project is seamlessly onboarded, executed and delivered.


Product and solutions

Shiva is a Product and Solutions Expert at Quantum Phinance who’s been instrumental in developing successful product strategies and innovative solutions for our clients. Using his substantial experience in scaling financial services startups and his technical expertise, he develops product solutions that deliver value to customers.

Sudipto Roy

Strategic Advisor

Sudipto is a crucial member of the Quantum Phinance team playing the role of a Strategic Advisor. Sudipto's extensive knowledge of the Indian financial market, spanning over 26 years, encompasses various areas such as strategy, business development, product development, sales, marketing, and treasury management.

Work with us

We are always looking to hire talent that shares the same passion as us, simplifying complicated needs of the finance world. Apply and join the team that’s revolutionising finance operations across the globe.

If you don’t see a relevant position but still possess the armour to conquer the world of Fintech, write to us at hr@quantumphiance.com.