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How AMCs can simplify NAV Computation and Reconciliation

The net asset value (NAV) calculation and reconciliation process for an asset management company (AMC) is a complex and time-consuming process. While asset managers with multiple funds may outsource NAV calculations to third-party fund administrators, the ultimate responsibility for accuracy lies with the firm. Which is why NAV calculation and reconciliation is a crucial task for any AMC’s Fund Accounting Team on which they spend several hours crunching numbers on excel sheets on a daily basis.

Save hours of daily manual work with our NAV computation and same day reconciliation platform to ensure NAV is accurately calculated and verified before publishing. No matter how many schemes you have or launch in the future, our platform can support all your NAV computing needs.

The process

Our integrated platform takes feed from various sources for trades, valuation, income, expenses and dividends and helps you with same day computation & reconciliation of NAV for all schemes in a single click.


  • Simple web-based same day NAV computation & reconciliation platform: To eliminate the use of Excel spreadsheets & shared folders, AD based login.
  • Reconciliation reports with detailed drill down into all components: To help identify the source of any discrepancy quickly.
  • Manual overriding of rules & calculations: To alleviate the handling of exceptional cases
  • Independent of the primary fund administrator: To ensure more control over the NAV calculation process
  • An automated, exception-driven workflow with predefined controls: To help ensure that the NAV calculation process is efficient and accurate
  • A dashboard view with automated reconciliation to show NAV divergence: To track NAV changes and identify potential problems
  • Scalable to meet the future business requirements: To ensure that platform can support any number of mutual fund schemes launched in the future


  1. Enhance automation for data capturing
  • Connection to core systems / Databases (Trades, Security master, Corporate action etc.)
  • Web-scraping (prices from NSE, BSE, AMFI etc.)
  • Data from email attachments (Crisil, ICRA, RTA postings etc.)
  • SFTP / DFS connections.
  1. One click computation
  • No need to wait for heavy Excel sheets to update
  • Save hours & hours of daily work
  1. Robust & accurate results
  • Eliminating the possibility of manual errors.
  1. Timely alerts
  • Option expiry, FD maturity, Dividend trigger alerts, TER change alerts etc.
  1. Centralized data source for any auxiliary reporting
  • Risk, Limits, Performance, Compliance etc.

Our NAV computation platform covers the below asset classes

The platform takes daily inputs from the below data sources to compute NAV on the very same day.

Our integrated platform is designed with a sophisticated computation flow which seamlessly allows a user to generate accurate NAV numbers for all schemes in a single click.

Our system also helps the client generate necessary reports for business analysis and regulatory filing.

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